How well do you handle stress in a call center?

The notoriety of this word is probably the top reason why people are reluctant to apply as call center agents despite being qualified. Stress comes in different forms and types. When you feel stressed, it is important to find out what the reason is before it eats you up. We hear the question “How do you handle stress?” in job interviews. Therefore we answer with we go shopping, play sports and go to beaches. But knowing what the problem is different from dealing with it. And most of the time, people opt for the temporary instead of a permanent solution.

Rewarding yourself is a temporary stress relief. When the moment passes by, your back at it. There are call center agents who hate their job because of stress. The problem is that some of these people do not realize that they’ve caused it themselves. Some of them live a very unhealthy life. Now I’m not a doctor but I’m sure that not getting enough sleep and exercise isn’t good. There are also people who despite working at night for 9 long hours are trying to live a normal life-like other people who works in a day does. They drink after shift, while the sun is up until noon.  They go to the mall, watch movies and stuff with friends despite having to work later on. I even know some who would drink or go to clubs before coming to work. As a result, they lack sleep and you’ll see their eyes red and almost head-banging, fighting desperately to keep themselves awake.

Not that there’s anything wrong with it unless you want to die at an early age. The problem is most can’t handle it. They go to work in the middle of the night only having had 4-5 hours of sleep. The result, they’re stressed and they get irritated very easily. No person in the world would be able to do their job properly without proper sleep.

While some types of stress can be managed, some are just beyond our control. Money problems, relationships(on the brink of a break-up), pressure at work or just personal dilemma of deciding whether to quit your job because you have a boss that you can only describe as a dead kid. The key is to leave your problems at home for the moment. Although easier said than done, you’ll have to accept that you have to. Stress can make you stats hit rock bottom and eventually quit your job. Good for you it that’s the reason you’re stressed. The problem is that if the issue is within you, then it starts all over again as soon as you apply for a new job.

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We cannot offer a single solution because stress is not a one size fits all thing. Our advice is that you should find the cause and solve it as soon as possible. Not doing so could mean that this problem will give birth to a whole new set of problems. Stop blaming stress to other factors. You chose to be a call center agent, therefore make sure that you’re ready every single night.

This is where adapting comes in handy. You might argue that your job is stressful. You blame your boss, your colleague, your teamlead who’s a dead kid that can’t even file your vacation leave on time. But you can’t change the people around you. So change your attitude towards them. Because even if you resign, there’s no guarantee that it’ll go away. You’ll be broke for a month or two, that’s sure thing…

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